glory of christ Covid-19 preparedness plan

congregational update June 11, 2020

Congregational Update May 28, 2020

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COngregational Update March 25, 2020

Congregational Update march 18, 2020

Pastoral letter march 18, 2020

for the love and safety of our neighbor, glory of christ has suspended all activities, including the divine service, for the time being.  Although we may be doing things differently, we are no less the church during this pause, because being the church is not matter of our activity, but god's.  we are still his children, bearing his name no matter where we are.

pastor krueger and i have been overjoyed to hear about how so many of you have kept in contact and tended to each other's needs.  well done.  keep it up!  if you find a member who has needs, please let us know.

during this time, strive to keep the habits of prayer and the reading of the scripture as part of your daily life.  you will find sermons and services and bible studies under the "media" tab up top.  sunday school materials are being sent out weekly, and we have migrated our sunday morning bible class to facebook.  although we aren't having public worship services right now, your pastors are always available for private confession, individual communion, nd prayer.  don't hesitate to give us a call!

we don't have to pretend this whole ordeal is good.  it isn't.  but that won't prevent the lord from bringing good from it.  (cf. romans 8)


Rev. Jeremiah Johnson