What we believe

There is one true God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 

All people are born in sin, and we sin against God every day. 

Jesus Christ is our Savior. He is true God and true man. He came from heaven, lived a perfect life in our place and died a sacrificial death on the cross for all. 

Jesus rose from the dead on the third day and opened the gates of heaven to all who trust in him. 

God accepts all who believe in Jesus even though there is no merit or worthiness in us. 

So that we might believe in Jesus, God has given us the ministry, which is the preaching of Christ and the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper. Through these, God also gives us the forgiveness of sins. 

When God brings people to faith, He also produces many good works in our lives. These are done, not to earn grace, but to do God's will and please him. 

God has given every man, woman and child a calling in life. Within that calling He directs us, and through His Word, strengthens us to live for Him. 

The Bible is the inspired Word of God. The Bible is free from all error and contradiction in all that it says. The Word of God brings us to Jesus our Lord.