Thank you for your support! Together we raised over $32,000 for missions this past year! We hope to see you in 2017!

Date: April 22nd, 2017

Location: Glory of Christ

Missionsfest: At the Hop!

Tickets for MissionsFest will be $30 each. Each ticket includes supper, beverages, and an evening of great fellowship and memories!


3:00-4:00 Social hour and sealed bidding silent auction

4:00-6:00 Live auction

6:00-7:00 Dinner

Frequently Ask Questions

I've never been to MissionsFest before, what should I wear?

Glory of Christ's MissionsFest is laid back and casual. You can come in a suit, jeans, or your favorite leather jacket and poodle skirt!

Do I need to bring anything?

Only some money and your checkbook. We will provide you with food, drinks, and a great time.

Will there be babysitting?

We will not be providing any babysitting services during the event. Please plan to make other arrangements as you consider attending MissionsFest.

Where does the money go?

The money raised at through MissionsFest goes to support mission efforts in America and across the world. A list of the missions we support can be found here.

What kinds of things should I donate?

If you make some kind of homemade good (quilts, pottery, jewelry, knitting, etc.) we would encourage you to donate these types of items. Other popular items are consumables, items that you use once, usually entertainment or food related (sports tickets, green fees, wine, baked goods, dinners, etc.). If you are still unsure of what to donate, grab one of the solicitation letters from the Narthex and take it to your favorite local business. You get free goods and they get a tax write-off in return.

Do I have to use my bidding number?

Yes, this helps the auction workers work more easily. It is up to you whether or not you also include your name, but no bid will be counted without the bidder number.

How does the silent auction work?

All of the items will be available to view at the start of the event. Attendees will submit their highest bid on a slip of paper. If there is a lot of action on one of your favorite items you can submit another, higher bid. Items will be closed in a staggered fashion. If you don't win an item you will have time to bid on others.

How does the live auction work?

The auctioneer will describe the auction item and begin to call out dollar amounts. Simply raise your bidder number or call out until you win the item or the price gets too steep. If the auction item is a dinner with multiple seats, the highest bidder gets as many seats as he/she wants at the winning price. (E.g., If the winning bid is $100, the winner can choose to take four of the available seats for a total of $400. The bidding will then start over for the remaining seats.)

Is there any way I can help with the auction?

We have most things under control. Thank you, though.

But I consume a lot of sugar and caffeine, and I get bored easily.

Oh, in that case talk to one of the auction committee members, or just email the church office. I'm sure we can find a place for you to help.